Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Bye Bye Paci

A few days before Brighton turned 2 we headed to the mall to say goodbye to her pacifier.  All three of my kids have been strong paci lovers so I knew this would be hard.  She took one of her pacifiers to Build-A-Bear and picked out a cute puppy to put it in.  She put the pacifier inside and picked out some pajamas for her puppy.  She did great the whole time we were there and on the way home.  Going to bed was a different story.  She screamed for her paci for a good long while before finally falling asleep, naps were the same. It probably took her about 3 days before she realized we weren't giving it back.  Riding in the car might have been the worst of it!  Even the boys were asking if we could give it back to her! Ha!  Eventually she stopped asking and settled into a new routine.  I still cannot believe there will never be another pacifier in this house again.  Watching them grow is so great but so sad at the same time.  My little baby girl is getting so big.

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