Saturday, April 19, 2014

December iphone dump

I forgot to load all these pictures from my phone from December.  It seems most things are captured on there these days since the big camera is too much to take with us all the time.  Anyway, here is December from the iphone.

Price was home sick one day so he taught the littles their alphabet on the computer.
 Molly and I did Painting with a Twist with our bootcamp friends.  It was a lot of fun!
 I made the boys some Christmas shirts.
 The three men of the house.
 Sweet Sister had a terrible intestinal infection.  She had a very high fever and lots of nasty diapers that lasted almost a week. Thankful for antibiotics.
 Waco put on the most fun winter wonderland downtown.  We went almost every day of the week and had our faces painted, played on inflatables, wrote letters to Santa, saw Santa and went ice skating.
 Price asked Memaw for a "fancy suit" for Christmas.  She delivered in a big way.  So handsome.
 Such joy.
 Sister sat in the car with me while the boys ice skated.  A cold front blew in that day and it was FREEZING!
 Lee was a trooper and helped the boys skate.
 Price held onto the wall and went around the whole rink.
 Watching some tv on the floor in our bedroom.
 Our Santa pic for 2013!  Hayes was probably the most unsure but at least he is sort of smiling.
 Lee, Molly, Michelle and me went to the Baylor vs. UT game.  I have never been so cold in my whole life.  We ended up leaving with ice all over our shoes and very achy fingers and toes.
 Poor Hayes had many cavities when we went to the dentist for a check-up.  It ended with 2 different trips to have them filled and having to be put under both times.  He now has 4 silver caps that he calls his pirate teeth. (Mama is just glad they are baby teeth and wont last forever.)
 A little shaving cream surprise after church one night.  They LOVED it!
 Hayes' letter to Santa from school!
 We spent a lot of weekends at the Boyd's farm  The kids love it there.
 And finally, we went to Kirbyville at the very end of December to celebrate Christmas with Becky's family.  It was so great seeing everyone.  Trying to get Brighton to sleep in a hotel room with everyone else near her was not so much fun.  Longest night ever!

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