Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Jan/Feb iphone dump

Unfortunately it seems I mainly took iphone photos for most of the months of January and February.  So here the iphone dump!  I'm hoping my  next post will be an actual post!

Price is doing so good with his reading.  Brighton wanted him to read to her before bed one night.
 One of my very best friends in the world became a Mommy in January.  I am SO in love with little Deason.
 Of course Price was an inventor on Career day at school.
 We took the kids to the lake for a picnic and some hiking one sunday afternoon.
 My sweet Mama, taking care of her sweet Mama.
 Not kidding when I say it took us almost 2 months to do this 10,000 piece Lego set.  We had so much fun though and Price did most of it on his own.
 The museum has a super fun exhibit for kids and we have spent a lot of time there.
 Pretzel selfie
 We spent Valentines afternoon at the Museum as well.  Precious Brighton all dressed up.
 Oh my.
 I became a little infatuated with Matilda Jane clothing for my girl. It is so. cute.
 Just a little light reading before church.
 More selfies.  Price was grumpy so he wouldn't participate.
 Hayes had a concert at his school.  He is usually pretty nervous in front of a lot of people but he did great.  He sang and did the movements.  And of course we had a giant cotton candy.
 A boy and his dog.

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